Course review of Intercultural Competence

Development lead by the University of Deusto, Spain

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Author of the course Luana Ferreira Lopes Silva introduces the course ‘Intercultural Competence’. The general aim of this course is to develop Higher Education students’ Intercultural Competence by providing them with the main concepts related to the theme and by provoking group reflections about it.

With this course it’s also possible to learn some strategies to overcome barriers to cross-cultural communication in face-to-face and online modes.

Learning material consists of literature, presentations, practical tasks, discussion forums, videos, individual and collective reflections.


Leading tutor and author of the course Luana Ferreira Lopes Silva shares her opinion about course development and OEP in the course. In the end, 6 students piloting the first introductory task in the course.

The course included several activities as open educational practice (OEP):

Icebreaker activity – students upload a 2-minute video to introduce themselves to other group members:

Thinking about culture – students wrote their names and country of origin on a virtual board Padlet. Then, they wrote down five things about people, things, places, or habits that form part of their cultures. Moodle forum used to share comments –

Country Comparison Report – students prepare reports and shared them.

Exercise: Draw an onion – students draw an onion cut in half and think of each of its layers as their own cultural layers. Afterwards, they write a short description of a specific aspect of your own culture that corresponds to that layer –


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