Redeveloped courses

6 courses were (re)developed using the VOCAL ICT portal allowing open access and open learning. Each partner institution lead the development of 1 course and each course had a collaborator of at least 2 other partner institutions. Courses provide theoretical references followed by activities designed for international, intercultural learner collaboration to produce group work and to present it openly as open educational practice.

Teachers participating at our trainings tested their newly acquired skills by participating in international open development work where they re-developed one of their existing learning materials. These short courses were then peer reviewed and piloted in the delegating institutions to gain experience in open educational practices. By the end of August almost all pilotings have been finished successfully with more than 50 open badges awarded to participants upon completion.

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Teachers and trainers gave very positive feedback on the activity stating how useful it was, and all claimed that they would recommend this kind of activity to their colleagues. It turned out, that collaboration and open educational practices are very challenging in on-line international environment, but also very rewarding as well. One of the key messages that trainers expressed: “Students need constant feedback and motivation in order to keep going and the more collaborative activities are, the better (though it might be challenging to manage them)”

To introduce their courses, deveopment leaders recorded short teasers for the public to learn about the course and the method they entertained: