The project aimed to foster the open collaboration of HE teachers and VET trainers to design online, open and collaborative learning activities for diverse target groups embedding digital, social, and intercultural competences.

In order to meet this aim, the partnership developed training materials and organise face-to-face, week long training events where teachers and trainers were be able to

  • develop skills to digitalise quality learning resources, to design online collaborative learning activities embedding digital, social, and intercultural competence development, and to tutor international, intercultural diverse learner groups,
  • collaborate designing mutually online and open curriculum for diverse international learner groups, and
  • establish open educational practices for future references.

The project enhanced access to training for all through C-VET developing online and open curriculum and empowering teacher and trainer collaboration.

Runtime: 1 November 2016 until 31 October 2018

  • Results available un-changed until October 2023.

Expected impact

This project will have a positive impact on education modernization and quality improvement on local, regional, national and European levels.

  1. Teacher and trainer competence development in digitization of learning resources, in opening up their practices and designing online, open collaborative learning activities for diverse, intercultural learner groups.
  2. For C-VET and HE organizations providing lifelong learning services for diverse lifelong learning groups and intercultural learner groups. Teachers will prepare to address these needs through VOCAL project and will disseminate their open educational practices through social media channels and other events.
  3. Openness is the key factor influencing the quality of education. Opening up content to peers and collaborators means trust building. Therefore, 6 partner institutions will make a strategic partnership and will develop trust-based relationships. Involving new organizations from their networks they will enlarge this circle and will develop trusted network and will contribute to quality improvement of the services they provide.
  4. Professional networks. Teachers will develop trusted relationships and will get involved in open professional collaboration, but will also feel great impact from collaboration among organizations.
  5. Open education ideas will be developed and implemented in this project, as its main focus is collaboration for the sake of openness and integration of innovations.
  6. Lifelong learners, disadvantaged people, employed people will benefit from the increased offer and new learning possibilities – online curriculum.

The impact upon the quality of education services will be measured after piloting in a user satisfaction survey, where all pilot participants will be asked to provide feedback to curriculum authors and training organizations. Teachers’ and trainers’ competence improvement will be measured again by asking them to do self-assessment before and after training sessions, and then after they develop the curriculum online. The results of the self-assessment will affect the final training material (developed as O1–O3) versions to be used after the project for mainstreaming VOCAL practices.