Training events

Teachers and trainers from consortium institutions needed competences on digitalization of quality learning resources, on designing online and open collaborative learning activities and tutoring international diverse learner groups in order for them to be able to (re)develop curriculum adapting it for online, open and intercultural active learning. For this reason the VOCAL consortium organized 2 short-term staff training sessions in combination with the developed training materials.

The training eventstook place in Kaunas, Lithuania (May 2017) and Heilbronn, Germany (October 2017).

The training events were only be open to consortium members, however the training materials developed in the project – on digitalization of quality learning resources,  on designing online collaborative learning activities embedding digital, social and intercultural competence development and on tutoring international, intercultural and diverse learner groups – are available as open educational resource under CC BY-SA (Attribution-ShareAlike).

“Multicultural collaboration makes us stronger” – report on first training in Kaunas, Lithuania.

“The more I learn about intercultural competence the more I am aware about its importance” – report on second training in Heilbronn, Germany.