Testimonies of Open Educational Practices

The VOCAL partnership put a great emphasis on documenting the developments taking place during the project.  The development of new learning materials, trainings and testing the new skills by re-developing courses in an international collaborative way, provided opportunities to collect feedback from participants, collaborating teachers, developers of the materials and even learnenrs and students who taken part in the pilotings. Our main aim was to shed light on the process of how Open Educational Resources become Open Educational Practices.

Within the development of intellectual output: Testimonies of Open Educational Practices, with the leadership of our partners in Ogres Tehnikums, we recorded video interviews and provided feedback questionnaires to collect the feedback of our target group.

There are three main collections of these testimonies:

  1. Regarding every redeveloped course, there is an introductory video where the developers talk about the aims of the courses and their work. It is followed up with a review interview with screen captures in the course to give insights on the achievements. Finally there is a description of the Open Educational Practice entertained in the course, with explanation of what it was and how it was realised. Watch course reviews here…
  2. The second collection of the testimonies is a recorded focus group meeting at the end of pilotings: teachers/tutors and partners in close contact with teachers and tutors shared their experiences regarding piloting and their ideas regarding the sustainability of the results in their institutions. Click to watch the video: Discussion after piloting with developers and tutors: lessons learned, thoughts on OEP and sustainability of results
  3. The third collection of testimonies is based on the categorisation of open educational practices: In order to cater to the target groups’ needs, the end results should not only reflect the producing institution, but the similar OEPs should be grouped and published together to show different approaches.