Course review of Digital Pedagogy

Development lead by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics – BME

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Leader and teacher of the course ‘Digital Pedagogy’ Judit Vidékiné Reményi introduces the course, talks about main target groups – International (university) students, (young) adults interested in using digital tools for learning.

The course is useful for students, because they can learn how to use digital technologies and tools, applications for the study purposes. One of the biggest advantages of the course is the fact that in addition to know lot of things in theory students are supposed to work in digital learning environment, and they can immediately put theory into practice and develop digital learning skills.


Leader and teacher of the course ‘Digital Pedagogy’ Judit Vidékiné Reményi shares opinion about course development and open educational practice (OEP) in this course.

OEP activities was based on a relevant case study, comparison of mainstream and digital learning environments. Student blog was used as an ICT tool to implement OEP.

As readiness for collaboration seems to depend on personality traits and the educational culture of the system, collaboration should have been more emphatic, encouraged. Collaboration is only a useful tool, when a batch of learners do the course parallel. Otherwise, its integration into an online course is rather useless.

It also essential to make the learners understand, that as online learners they should forget about the competitive characteristic of education. It needs a total change of approach. This takes much time and even more practice.


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