Course review of Contemporary Education

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Co-leader of the course Vaida Jurgilė talks about course ‘Contemporary Education’. The course is for students to present with the basics of education, focusing on technology impact and for learning. This course is to provide with some knowledge of the position and significance of education in a contemporary world as well as to introduce the object of education science.

Learning material consists of literature, presentations, self-assessment quizzes, practical tasks, discussion forums, additional interesting and useful links.


Leader of the course ‘Contemporary education’ and president of LieDM Association Estela Daukšienė talks about the course ‘Contemporary Education’ – that it includes different contemporary strategies and methods of learning.

The target audience of the course is HE students (future teachers). Course helps students to choose proper learning and teaching strategy and method. Everyone can browse the course material, it’s open.

In this course Topic 3 activity „Defining proper learning methods and strategies” was chosen as Open Education Practice (OEP) activity. The activity is suggested as a reflection or summary based on theoretical part in Topic 3 – Innovative learning methods and strategies. It’s a Moodle forum question-answer type discussion, where non registered learners see the situations, if they want to provide suggestion on the issue in situation they have to self-register and provide a suggestion, when they provide a suggestion, they also see what previously commented learners have suggested.

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The course was presented for 37 learners, who all were registered to the course in the Moodle platform (17 participated and 15 earned a badge for activity implementation), 5 teachers were involved in collaboratively preparing the course.

Open Educational Practice (OEP) in the course ‘Contemporary Education’

In the course ‘Contemporary Education’ in the third topic OEP is incorporated as a forum where students learn not only different contemporary strategies and methods, but also provide briefing and suggestions for the learners based on learners profile and their proper learning strategy. In the Topic 3 you can see the study material and forum.

Only students who provided suggestion can see what others have provided. During the OEP piloting students received a badge if they implemented Topic 3 Activity. Three teachers participated in the course ‘Contemporary Education’ – Estela Daukšienė, Vaida Jurgilė and Jurgita Šerniūtė.


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